Why use SMS Marketing and tips for SMS Marketing?

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I. Tips for SMS Marketing – Why should SMS marketing be used?

1. Advantages when marketing by SMS Marketing.

Tips for SMS Marketing – With the situation of using mobile phones like Vietnam, why don’t we use sms marketing in our marketing strategy. The benefits that sms marketing gives us such as:

  • The market is wide open. Because tens of millions of people have mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. SMS marketing offers a great opportunity to attract customers, limited by creativity and a list of phone numbers.
  • In particular, when proposing marketing strategies in a narrow range, the use of sms marketing is an ideal choice. To notify everyone in your immediate vicinity of any offers immediately.
  • High level of interaction. Each person can check his or her mobile phone 80 times a day, so that SMS marketing campaign shows a significant open rate.
  • You can use SMS marketing to advertise, alert, notify, remind, confirm passwords, contests, news, product information, etc. and this is the fastest way to deliver information to customers.
  • Suitable for most business models of businesses. From large companies in the field of travel companies, airlines, telecommunications services or companies providing electricity, water … to the goods as well as small and medium enterprises.
  • Directly Contact users. Typically, an SMS takes only 10-20 seconds to send to customers.
  • No special skills required. Creating SMS campaigns is easy. It takes about five minutes to build an SMS marketing.

In fact, with a rate of over 60% of consumers, SMS marketing is preferred, other email marketing and notification services for its quickness. This is an easy-to-manage, highly convertible marketing method that tends to be less expensive, or rather, an effective and cost-effective mobile solution.

2. Disadvantages when marketing by SMS Marketing – tips for SMS Marketing.

Limited time: Although people are not afraid to receive marketing messages on traditional media but certainly they will not be comfortable when receiving messages at sensitive time. Therefore, operators have limited time to send sms during that period.

II. Tips for using SMS Marketing effectively

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1. Collect customer information the right way.

Customer data is always an invaluable asset. Therefore, everyone wants to have abundant source of database. But this does not mean that any phone number found will be collected in a bluff.

* There are many ways to collect customers’ phone numbers such as:
  • Making event promotions, giving gifts and collecting information from customers.
  • Make membership cards, accumulate points.
  • Optimize fan pages, websites to collect customer information through registration forms and orders …

Do not buy customer data from the beginning of every flow of customer information. This not only brings low efficiency for the business, but also easily lost the image of the business to a number of potential customers.

Instead, build customer lists honestly and methodically. This can take a long time. But these are people who really care and want to find out about the product or service you are offering. Therefore, the possibility that they are interested in the SMS Marketing you send will be much higher than a stranger.

2. Submit really valuable things.

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Customers only value the messages you send when the information received is really useful to them. Content is information about new products, discount codes, happy birthday or remind customers about scheduled appointments. Then, new guests

Then, customers will increase that level of satisfaction and trust more in you or your company. So, send customers the information that is really valuable and most useful.

3. Message content must be concise, easy to impress and insert links into messages.

The content of sms messages is limited to 160 characters. Therefore, the chosen words need to be short, easy to understand and have highlights so that customers can remember right after reading.

In addition, you can use a strong word to increase the level of interaction and click the link of the user. Example inserting words: “Learn more at: https://smsten.com “. This helps you immediately exploit the user. Because if you ignore the message, guests may never perform the desired action again.

4. Divide content for each different customer groups

Depending on the behavior of interests and psychology, each customer group needs a different message. You should classify customers according to certain criteria, thereby offering more appropriate SMS content.

5. Send at a moderate frequency and at the right time – tips for SMS Marketing.

SMS marketing is an effective marketing method. So don’t turn it into an obsession called “SPAM” for your customers. You should allocate the time to send messages accordingly and with the frequency is too high and scientific, do not send messages at sensitive time. Depending on the urgency of the content submitted, combined with the aforementioned, it is unlikely that a single customer will nag you about how you approach them.

If you are in Vietnam you can also use SMS Pro to send sms. You refer to the following link: Software to send SMS Pro

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