SMS Ten instruction manual to bulk sms text

SMS Ten instruction manual – User guide send sms on software SMS Ten

I. BASIC USER GUIDE – SMS Ten instruction manual

Download SMS Ten Free to your computer if you don’t have it installed.

Step 1: Connect the device with SMS Ten software: The software supports you to connect with the “Android Phone” to send messages or connect to the device “USB 3G” to send messages.

If you connect to the “Android Phone mobile” to send messages, please seen to posts: Instructions to connect your phone with SMS Ten then return to this post and skip step 1 of this guide.

If you connect to 3G USB, plug the USB 3G into your computer to check for phone signal on software of USB 3G and then turn off the software of USB 3G.


Step 2: If it has not been found device, select Refesh connected to find 3G USB device . Then select the device you need to connect and click “Connect device”, when the device line is green and notification Connect successfully. You have successfully connected to the device.

Step 3: Enter file excel list customer to SMS Ten by form. Where the phone number column is required, the remaining columns when you need to insert more information into the message, you write more.

Note: When you prepare the excel file make sure that column A is the phone number column and is located in Sheet1 of the excel file. And format the columns in excel according to the following format.
Column A: Customer’s phone number (required)
Column B: Customer name (Optional)
Column C: Information 1 (Optional)
Column D: Information 2 (Optional)

Step 4: Sen SMS – When you have prepared the message content and the distribution list, click the send button “SEND” to send the message to the customer.


How to use the software to send SMS Ten effectively and quickly. Please read the complete guide to an effective SMS Marketing campaign. SMS Ten instruction manual.

1. Random send time function – SMS sending software marketing

In the send configuration section, there is a function to set the time interval, when sending the software, it will be taken randomly within the time you set to send. The purpose is to make the length of the time to send short messages different as the message when sent will be more natural.

2. Schedule sending messages

This function will allow users to set the time to send messages when busy somewhere, need in a certain time to send messages. To use this feature well, you need to have a few normal messages before using it to get used to the software.

3. Remove accents in messages

This function will help you quickly remove accent in messages. Sending a message with the accent will cost you characters when sending the message in some countries. This function will help you save characters in messages. You click this button on the software  .


Mix text messages (Spin text) to create different text messages but still keep the meaning of the message content. Sending the same message content may be marked as spam. Doing this will help you send more messages

FORMULA : {Phrase A | Phrase B | Phrase C|…}

For example :

Original message : Hello guy, thank you for buying SMS Ten

Spin text content: {Hello|Hi} {guy|you}, thank you for buying {SMS Ten|Software}. {Call me|Hotline|More infomation} : 093.899.2403

Rule of writing: The words in {} are synonyms and separated by | (vertical bar). To create different paragraphs of text but similar in content. When submitting the software will randomly pick from {} to match the next sentence.

The result when spinning text:

Hi you, thank you for buying Software. Call me : 093.899.2403
Hello guy, thank you for buying SMS Ten. More infomation : 093.899.2403
Hi you, thank you for buying SMS Ten. More infomation : 093.899.2403
Hi you, thank you for buying Software. Hotline : 093.899.2403


To insert corresponding information such as phone number, customer name, or corresponding information previously written in excel file to insert into the message content, we do the following:

You select the column corresponding to the previously prepared excel file inserted into the message.

For example :

Thanks <CustomerName>, for visiting Adam store, your discount code is: <Info1>.

Result :
Thanks Elizabeth , for visiting Adam store, your discount code is: CODE552
Thanks Emily, for visiting Adam store, your discount code is: CODE553
Thanks Jennifer, for visiting Adam store, your discount code is: CODE554
Thanks Tom, for visiting Adam store, your discount code is: CODE555

With the above instructions hope to help you make good use of SMS Ten sending software