Instructions for sending messages on the phone with SMS Ten

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Instruction for sending messages on phones with SMSTen – SMSTen software is a specialized software for sending SMS Marketing. The software supports 2 main methods of sending from USB 3G and sending via mobile phone.

Weighted in your software and features. Our SMS software is software and software and software. Linking with your feature via USB 3G you can join the following article

1. Download and Setup app on Mobile

Step 1: On Mobile, you access the website ” or click to here download the SMS sending application to Mobile.

Step 2: You install the app on your phone, the software will ask for permission to send messages and other permissions, please allow the software to access.

Step 3: Open the myMobkit app to get the IP address information of your phone in the SMS Ten software so that the SMS Ten software can connect to the phone to send the message.

For example, the picture we have:, we only fill in the software SMS Ten the red range of into SMS Ten.

Note: Allow all notifications to appear.


2. Setup SMSTen and send a message on your phone

Step 1: Download the SMS Ten software and install it on your computer. You can click the link to download SMS Ten software to your computer. Then extract and run the SMS Ten installation file

Download software free it here:

Step 2: Go to settings for entering IP on the phone into the software and press “Test connection” => “Save

Step 3: Select the sim to connect to as “Android Phone“, and click search, after the search is complete, a list of SIM cards will be displayed in your phone, you can select the sim to send and press connect

(Select the sim to send and press connect )

To continue using the SMS Ten user guide, please continue to click this article to view the SMS Ten user guide on the computer.